Friday, January 22, 2016

Potty Training Action Plan VS. The Blizzard

Potty Training Tips in less then ideal weather conditions:

Some quick tips for staying on track with your potty training during the blizzard. Here is a list of the things you will need.  I am using these things with my new puppy Eddie for our potty training they work for us and I know they will work for you as well. Just follow these easy tips and you will not fall behind in your potty training.

1. You need to choose an area for short term confinement.
 Very few things sparks a bigger or more heated debate then to crate or not to crate. I say do what ever empowers you and your family. So baby gate, puppy crate or puppy play yard either and all works so choose what works best for you.
2. You need potty pads.
3. A leash and harness.
You need a leash and harness for tethering. Keep your puppy at your side when not being confined is the best way to make sure he does not sneak off on you and potty behind your sofa.
4. Some activity toy.
This kind of activity really does help your puppy relax and settle down when tethered to you.

5. Choose a place as the designated place to potty.
Eddies potty place is in the bathroom I chose that room because I can close the door and it keeps the cats and coco away so he can concentrate on the job at hand. POTTY!

  Just like with your potty training action plan, take your puppy to his potty place every few hours and when he first wakes up. Carry him to the designated potty area you set up inside the house. Do not let him walk {CARRY YOUR DOG}. encourage him to potty, cheer him on and tell him how good he is. When he is done make sure you keep him close to you so you can manage his free time.  Remember if he is not tethered to you he really needs to be in the area you set aside for short term confinement. Do not put a potty pad in that area.  Good luck everyone. L,Z

Monday, September 7, 2015

A step back...Two steps forward, then a relaunch

Today is my first blog post for my new blog Tails From The Park Side.  I had planned to launch last year, I am sorry it has taken such a long time to get started.  I had to take a step back from dog training and writing because my dad was terminally ill. He had been fighting cancer for years, but started hospice, last summer and died the day before Thanksgiving. FYI just in case you have never been a caregiver to someone who is in hospice it is a lot like reading a book after you already saw the movie.  Mostly the things that really matter are kind of the same, but you find that the things that are different really bother you and nothing, and I mean nothing is going to change the ending. It became clear to me in the beginning that it was impossible to be a reliable dog trainer, a pet parent and a full time caregiver, so I decided to take that time to be with my dad. and recruited my nephew Zack to help with my pets.  It was hard saying goodbye to my father, but I am grateful I had that time. I find even now I feel the loss.  I am sure I always will.  I tell myself he is with my mom and they are looking down on me, watching over me.  For the longest time it took everything I had to pull myself out of my bed and push myself through my day. Like everyone who lost a parent eventually you have to get back to the business of living.  I am back to work now dog training at Petsmart. I am so happy to be back in the ring. I feel like I am home again.  My dad would asking me, when I came home from work, how many dogs I saved today.  I once shared my motto with him, how a dog trained is a dog saved. My dad never forgot it and asked me every time he saw me, and that made me never forget it either. The other day at work, I had a great idea for a blog post pop into my head. How wonderful to want to write again. I even started to work on my personal website I guess that is two steps forward. I am starting to get back to the me I was before and that is a wonderful feeling, because nothing makes me happy like teaching pet parents to teach their dogs.   L, Z